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12 Responses to Dance Dubstep

  1. Dancing to dubstep and other styles of music is my life. “Nonstop” and “Glitch” are my 2 idols that I would want to learn from someday in the future.

  2. anrique says:

    When I dance to dubstep, I transform all of my emotions into an ultimate energy wich I let flow through my body and create the future of dubstep dance,.nonstop has inspired me to do this, i wish to get 2 perform for them one day.

  3. Andre Carvalho says:

    Adorei esta performace de dança, vocês podriam vir para o Brasil fazer uma apresentação .
    Moro no Rio de Janeiro e por aqui a dança e manda e a do passinho confira :

  4. i look up to nonstop and bluprint when it comes to dubsteping hope i can get better in the future

  5. Joker says:

    DUBSTEP DANCE | MAKE IT BUN DEM | Skrillex x Damian Marley

  6. parshuram says:

    i hv nvr seen dancin like non stop marquese scott he had inspired me sm thng that wht really dubstep is about i wish tht i could see you one time its my wish to dance with you love you……..

  7. Aaron says:

    Nonstop y Glitch son mis Idolos quiero bailar tan bien como ellos ojala algun dia lo haga. Ellos no tienen comparacion!!!

  8. Aaron says:

    Nonstop y glitch son mis idoos quisiera bailar como ellos algun dia. Ellos no tienen comparacion!!!

  9. I have been popping for a 5 years now and teach dance on my channel and my website Since the viral video of Nonstop I feel there trend of the terms “dubstep dance” started. Honestly, the dance style is called Popping and there is no where around it. Check my sites if you want to learn more!

    El Tiro

  10. CyberCat@AdrianDub01 says:

    Check out my friends dubstep dancing channel at